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I am pursuing my love for wood and woodworking as a full-time career, feeding my passion. Working with the organic artistic characteristics of wood I create decorative and creative works of art.

An artistic woodturner

I have a passion for working with wood, using my artistic skill set to express the timber’s natural organic beauty within both bespoke or contemporary designs.

All my wood is obtained sustainably, for example from fallen or storm-damaged trees. I am passionate in my search for beautiful and unusual pieces of timber. Shaping these finds by hand into bowls, dishes, platters and other artistic creations.

Since 1970

My relationship with wood began as a young child helping my dad (mostly watching and handing him tools) with his wood DIY projects, back in the day when DIY wasn’t even a thing.  Since then I’ve undertaken a number of projects, outfitting bedrooms and bathrooms with bespoke fitted wood cupboard and cabinets, crafted mostly with hand tools. I am pursuing my love for wood and woodworking as a full-time career, feeding my appetite. My works aim is to create pieces of art that showcase the pure magnificence of wood.

I prefer minimalism in my designs which allows the wood to express its own unique qualities and beauty. Highlighting the wood’s natural features, such as natural edges, knotholes, bark, burrs, spalting, and other naturally-occurring structures. Whilst ‘minimalism’, has it’s place for beautifully feature or textured wood, a more artistic approach may used to enhance the item.

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Ideal Gifts

All our pieces make ideal gifts for all occasions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and seasonal celebrations.

Custom Works

The very nature of wood lends itself to custom, one of a kind pieces of organic art. Commissions are welcome through mutual discussion, so please feel free to contact us below.

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Currently we only deliver to Mainland UK. However contact us if you live outside of the UK and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

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